AREN IS A BUSINESS OWNER – Aren appreciates the intricacies and pressures of running a successful and growing business.


AREN COMES FROM A TRADITION OF HELPING – Like his grandfather, father, uncles, and cousins, who are all lawyers, Aren derives satisfaction from helping others. He takes the time to listen to and learn the needs of his clients. Your business is his business.


AREN IS AN ARTIST – Aren’s experience in the arts gives him a first hand insight into the issues faced by people who earn a living from their creative talents. Aren’s specialty is seamlessly fusing art and commerce.


AREN IS A COLLABORATOR – In an industry built upon successful collaborations where everyone contributes what they do best, clients can rely on Aren as a their business advisor and legal counsel.


AREN IS A TRUSTED ADVISOR – Aren is easily accessible and committed to his clients. He is available if you just want to run an idea past him, or consult him on complex legal issues.